Map-Making Company Offers Creative Partnerships

Worldwide opportunities for entrepreneurs & map sales managers

Travel Graphics International seeks one or more strategic sales partners to re-up our sales effort in the Twin Cities metro area. Opportunities also exist in Hawaii, Dallas, New Orleans, Denver, and many other major U.S. cities. We have developed high-quality products and services for the travel industry that are proven favorites of industry veterans and travelers alike. A strategic partner who joins us to infuse our sales program with new energy will benefit from our successful line of products and services, our 40-plus years of business goodwill, current and former client lists, marketing and administrative assistance, and production management.

In the Twin Cities, major growth opportunities exist via several proven sales models. These programs can be duplicated in any other major travel destination, worldwide, including these locations where TGI has led successful programs in the past: Hawaii, San Francisco, New York, Washington DC, Denver, and Orlando.

After 40-plus years as an innovator in map publishing and the travel industry, TGI’s founder and publisher, Stuart Sellars (LinkedIn), wants to turn his attention to charitable projects and travel. His daughter, Jennifer Wedel (LinkedIn), an experienced business manager and marketing strategist, intends to pilot the company as it continues forward. Stuart’s planned departure creates an opportunity in the all-important areas of business development, sales, and customer relationships.


Our sales models work especially well in partnership with Convention and Visitor Bureaus. CVBs give or sell our print and interactive products to visitors and residents to promote seasonal events; include our products as a member benefit; and offer enhanced customization options to major meeting, convention, trade show and event planners considering their destination for an upcoming event.

Past TGI partnerships have led to sales to international brands in multiple industries.
Past TGI partnerships have led to sales to international brands in multiple industries.

Other people and businesses that lend themselves to a TGI partnership include:

  • An entrepreneur with advertising sales experience and travel industry knowledge (or a love of travel) who is seeking a legitimate sweat-equity buy in
  • Established businesses with existing sales teams seeking additional sources of revenue, such as periodical publishers
  • Convention and visitors bureaus and chambers of commerce
  • Meeting and convention planning companies
  • Travel industry associations like hotel associations, restaurant associations, concierge associations
  • Publishers of ad-supported newspapers and magazines
  • Convention services companies and/or convention facilities
  • Ad specialty companies

Because our maps are unique, beautiful to look at, and friendly to use, they remain in high demand throughout the travel and destination marketing industries.  Almost without exception, we can set up distribution of hundreds of thousands of maps via hotels and visitor centers.  Potential advertisers immediately recognize the value of placing their messages in publications going directly to their target markets, which makes advertising sales easier than for other print and online media.  Advertising sales is not our only successful sales model, but it is an attractive choice for partners looking for multiple and creative ways to increase their bottom lines.

Our products and services

TGI’s main products are unique illustrated maps and a mobile concierge product that is currently in a beta-test phase. We also publish online interactive maps, which clients can customize to meet their precise needs.


Our virtual concierge product — the Best Guest Guides — can be sold alone or with the print maps as a companion. The Best Guest Guides stand out from the growing crowd of concierge app providers because it is:

  • Can increase hotels’ RevPAR (revenue per room) rather than decrease revenue
  • Hotel staff can easily update content with no need for a tech go-between
  • State of the art with regard to visitors’ access to real-time online booking for events and activities

SuperBowl 52 will bring over a million visitors to Minneapolis and St. Paul. Enormous sales opportunities exist to introduce TGI products to new prospects and re-introduce former clients to our expanded list of print and online maps and services.

A well-established company with start-up energy and potential

TGI’s publisher, Stuart Sellars, has successfully guided the company through 4 decades of tumultuous changes in the travel and publishing industries, including the 1970s oil crisis, the rise of the Internet and the resultant decline in print publishing, and the travel industry decline resulting from the September 11, 2001, tragedy.


TGI’s gross revenue from Twin Cities sales and renewals peaked at more than $250,000. Conservative projections show potential to re-establish that revenue level within three years. Each major destination presents the same or greater potential.


We are energized by the prospect of combining TGI’s expertise and business goodwill with the high energy of a sales entrepreneur or a sales organization who finds the possibilities appealing.


Contact us today to further discuss how TGI and your business could craft an innovative partnership to add value for everyone involved.

We respond within 2 business days. Get samples, demos, quotes, and more.

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